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In 1996 Robert Abigail started his dj career in his hometown Rotterdam in the Netherlands.From the smaller bars and clubs he worked his way up in the scene. a

Robert Abigail is well known for his sets which are smooth with a lot of influences from the latinscene combined with real house and vocals.

In the summer of 2008 Robert Abigail scored a worldwide summer hit with the Mojito song.This song is well known from the Bacardi commercial. After a few months Mojito song even sold GOLD in several countries. One summer later in 2009 Robert Abigail did it again. A production, similar in style, became a worldwide hit again. 

Merengue was Robert’s second single. Since that moment Robert Abigail is one of the most performing dj’s in the Benelux and France, USA, Spain and many other countries are frequent stops for this topdj.

In summer 2011 another golden record with “Cuba” together with the famous Gibson Brothers and Dj Rebel.

Preparing album for end 2013!

Singles:Mojito song * Congo * Partyjam * Merengue * Good Times * Meneando * City Where the party’s on * Cuba * Non Stop Dance * Amor Prohibido * No Vale La Pena * Culo!


Remixes for: Snoop Dogg, Timati, Agnes, Coolio, Dj Rebel, Zippora, Silence, Funkproviders, D-Rashid, Rishi Bass and many more…




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