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Jay Psar - Résident NRJ Extravadance


La carrière de JAY PSAR a été marquée par d’incroyables accomplissements de par le monde. Son énergie et son flow uniques ont été forgés grâce à d’innombrables émissions radio, interviews et tournées internationales.


Après son "Tour du Monde en 80 Jours", JAY PSAR représente aujourd'hui plus qu’une triple menace lorsqu’il s’agit de combiner compétences, personnalité et expérience.











Starting at an early age, Jay Psar’s love for hip-hop steered him towards the life of an emcee and deejay. It wasn’t long before he became absorbed by the turntables and developed the desire to perfect his technical skills. Jay Psar stood out from him peers by his keen ability to vocally entertain the crowd. He rapidly became a headlining deejay in Belgium and subsequently beyond the country’s borders.


Jay Psar is known for breaking down barriers. In 2013 he completed an ambitious tour « Around The World In 80 Days » where he brought his sound to masses across the five continents. The eighty-day journey was documented on film and focuses on the tour life of a DJ. Jay Psar took the documentary a step further by creating an engaging discussion on the DJ profession with fellow international DJ peers.


Constantly evolving and formulating ideas to deliver his work, Jay Psar co-founded MP FAMILY, a coalition of deejays heavily influencing the urban scene across Europe. Trailblazing as the first European urban deejay to host a successful podcast: P.S.A Radio, Jay Psar surpassed many with continual growth and adaptation to the ever changing music scene.


With an impressive catalogue of mixes, radio shows and remixes already under his belt Jay Psar is taking his crate of musical talent to the next level; his own music production.Catch him every Friday night on Europe’s #1 radio network, NRJ.





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